General Information

Activities at the drom

Various activities happens throughout the year at the drom, here is some of them

Every week we have yoga, gym, painting/creative sessions and board game night

Twice a year we host an international dinner, where you bring food from your home contry, for everyone to try. We also have multiple BBQ events in the summer, as we have a big garden area, and multiple coal grills. We also do a tour de chambre.


Biking arround is an easy way to get arround Aalborg. You buy cheap bikes at the police auctions. You can also get a bike at Swapfiets

Remember to put your room number on your bike, if its parked in the bike shed, otherwise Kaj will remove it. Ask Kaj for a label if you need one

Danish phone number

A danish phone number might be required for some things in Denmark. Lukily its easy to get one. Multiple stores sells prepaid plans and simcards, you can also buy prepaid plans online on sites like Lebara or LycaMobile.

Garbage, sorting & pant on bottles

Remember to sort your garbage correctly before throwing stuff out, you can get a complete overview of how it should be sorted, by clicking here

Please remember that all juice (only bottles), soda, water, beer bottles & cans bought in Denmark have pant on them, and should NOT be thrown out, they should be returned to the stores in their pant machines (In Føtex Food its just outside the store, next to the parking lot. In Rema1000 its outside, all the way at the end of building. In Coop365 its just to the left when you enter the store.). Return your bottles here to get your deposit back. Read more about how much you get back, by clicking here

Himmerland Boligforening

Himmerland Boligforening has taken over the daily managment of the dorm from Kaj, since the begining of august 2022.

You can contact Himmerland Boligforening on +4598113388. Phone hours: Monday-Wedensday & Friday: 9am-2pm. Thursday 12pm-5pm.

Or by email on

Internet access

There is an ethernet plug in every room. Ethernet cables can be order for cheap on sites like Av-Cables. Just ask in the Messenger chat, if you need help with ordering

There is a WiFi network at the dorm, you can get the password by asking in the Messenger group

The internet speed for the whole dorm is 1000/1000, so expect arround 500/500 for your own speed, unless everyone is using the network at the same time


The drom is seperated into 6 kitchen groups. All the kitchens have induction stovetops, an oven, a toaster oven, a microwave and a kettle

If you move in through AKU, you have to bring your own kitchen equipment

If you move in through IAO at AAU, you will have kitchen equipment in your room, if anything is missing, you should contact IAO


You need a laundry card to use the washing machines at the dorm. Ask Louise in the Messenger group for a card. The price is 200kr for a new card. Currently only cash can be used to pay for the cards.


MobilePay is an easy way to send and recive money from friends in Denmark. And even pay for stuf in stores or online. All you need to sign up for it, is a danish payment card/bank account, a CPR number and a danish phone number.

Public transport

The easieste way to get arround with public transport across Denmark, is by using a Rejsekort. Forigners can order a Rejskekort Anonymous at NT Customer Service inside Kennedy Arkaden/the bus station, or in 7-Elleven at the train station

If you don't wanna buy a Rejsekort you can still buy a paper ticket in the busses or at the train stations. You can also buy tickets for the busses on NT Tickets and in the NT Tickets app. Tickets for the DSB Trains can be bought in the DSB app, on the DBS website and at the train station and 7-Elleven in the city center

The nearest bus routes are 11 & 15. Nearest stop for line 11 is Hasseris Bymidte, right next to Føtex Food. Neareste stop for line 15 is Fyrebakken, next to the church. You can use Journeyplanner to plan your travel all across Denmark.

Rooms at the drom

The dorm has 64 rooms, all the same size, but with different orientations. A full floorplan of a room can be found here. You will share the entrance and a bathroom with 1 other person.

Floor plan